Monday, 2 March 2009

Mood swings

A few weeks ago, a few days ago, a few hours ago and probably a few minutes ago, I was ready to ditch the blog, cease my faint twitterings in the vast shimmering electric pulse of Cyberspace. Why?, well for several reasons that I can only fully recall when such mood swings pass through me.

Why should I concern myself with who's reading this stuff anyway? People have been slaving away writing diaries for centuries, without needing to share their inner mutterings with anyone but themselves. Whole novels are brought into the world and yet the authors may never get to see their stories on any bookstore shelves.

Let's face it, people's lives are chocca block, stuffed with 'must remember to do' lists, responsibilities, work, families, etc. Whatever time they have is allocated specifically to what feeds their precious little spare time needs. I may be wrong but it seems that the more punchy and bite sized your blog content, the more traffic it produces. Nobody has any time!

Photo blogs were my first exposure to blogging, I found sites I liked that uploaded daily images with one or two sentences of text followed by the inevitable ream of comments, which has to be said were never very interesting. But who cares, at least there was interest! I have toyed with this idea, strip it right down, a few photos and there you have it, regular bite sized content with minimum effort. There would be no need to feel that I was putting heart and soul into a lost cause.

Then along comes Twitter. Perfect, run it alongside the blog for those time starved days, short snappy slices of daily happenings to share with your imaginary adoring readership. I love it. But, I have already felt uneasy about its effect on my blogging habits, which appears to be backed up here, check out this recent Tweet and link from Alistair Humphreys on the subject - wise words from @polarben and Ernest Shackleton on the inanities of Twitter. Right - off for a cup of tea.

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