Thursday, 31 March 2011

The comic book page: Love and Hate part 1.


Silver age romance! Batman falls for the new bat on the block. Batwoman seals the deal in this panel drawn by rising star Chris Burnham from Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated no.4.


Following the horrific fallout from a bank heist in downtown Manhattan involving the new super villain 'Massacre', spiderman checks into his private clinic to have a bullet wound seen to. Now that he's without his 'spider sense' fighting crimes has become a different ball game all together! Misfired webs, inability to track spider tracers, no early warnings... looks like its time to suit up!

Spiderman is also still reeling from the recent death of Mayor Jameson's wife Marla, who was killed during the Spider Slayer's attack, making it hard to swallow these words of critisism from 'gun for hire' super hero Paladin.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Birds and animals in Comics Part 1.

From Batman Inc no.4. A mysterious and powerful ring around the world, 'the serpent eating it's own tail'. Grant Morrison is crafting a story that stretches right back to the Silver Age. Super spies, Nazi scientists, criminals, a mad old man feeling the web from a remote South Atlantic island and an ultimate weapon 'Oroboro', powerful enough to "blow a hole in the world". So, south Atlantic island and penguins, which means judging by the art that these little 'happy feet' must either be Adelie or Rockhopper penguins.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

When the sun shines on Peter Parker

Picking up in Ultimate Spiderman 155 following the events where Spidey and JJ Jameson were held captive by Mysterio, JJ finds out about Peter Parker's big secret, gets himself shot in head and narrowly escapes death. In issue 155 JJ offers PP a college fund, his old job back at the Daily Bugle and not surprisingly a handshake on a deal that suits both of them, but mostly JJ (ha ha!).

I love the panel where they shake on it, JJ goes from well meaning ('we've shared a life experience together') to hard nosed JJ ( 'we all know too well') brokering a deal. His smile never slips as he tells his new employee to get out of his office, PP on the other hand...

So Peter gets his old job back, Kitty Pride returns to the fold, everyone celebrates his 16th birthday and to top it all off Peter declares his love for Mary Jane and wins her affections. This rosy glow however is about to lose it's shine with the upcoming arc of 'Ultimate Death of Spiderman'. Here's hoping that this great little comic isn't coming to a close with each issue being accessible, engaging and fun.

Chris Samnee was a great step in artist for this issue, he drew a fab retro JJ Jameson who looked 'so' much better with that hat on, Daily Bugle interiors were top notch and even the panels of Spiderman swinging through the city punched fresh air through the page. Next stop.. white doves and the light of heaven shine down on our web slinging hero.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Li'l Depressed Boy

Poor old L'il Depressed Depressed Boy watches the sun drop. I'm really enjoying this new series from Image which has been running as a web comic for a long time now. Lovely coloring, simple panels and music pointers similar to Phonogram. Nothing happens really, we just get to be the fly on LDB's wall as he struggles with his daily routines. Top marks Image!