Thursday, 31 March 2011

The comic book page: Love and Hate part 1.


Silver age romance! Batman falls for the new bat on the block. Batwoman seals the deal in this panel drawn by rising star Chris Burnham from Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated no.4.


Following the horrific fallout from a bank heist in downtown Manhattan involving the new super villain 'Massacre', spiderman checks into his private clinic to have a bullet wound seen to. Now that he's without his 'spider sense' fighting crimes has become a different ball game all together! Misfired webs, inability to track spider tracers, no early warnings... looks like its time to suit up!

Spiderman is also still reeling from the recent death of Mayor Jameson's wife Marla, who was killed during the Spider Slayer's attack, making it hard to swallow these words of critisism from 'gun for hire' super hero Paladin.

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