Monday, 9 March 2009

Last weeks comics.

New Avengers - The Reunion no.1 (of 4)

Last Thursday my comic book bill came to about £18. Is that a lot?, it certainly felt like it. My hard earned cash got me eight floppies, three of those broke the £3 price tag. However, every time I set out with the intention of reining it in I invariably come back with something new that I've been hearing about online or from the podcasts, eg..,,, and from comic book bloggers like

My risky buy this week was 'New Avengers-The Reunion', part one of a four issue mini series from Marvel. I know nothing about The Avengers, yet I was drawn in by the Jo Chen artwork on the cover and by some helpful exposition on the first page.

I really enjoyed it, despite my ignorance. I liked the sound of humans being abducted by aliens and replaced by alien impersonators, I liked the artwork and the colours, and I especially liked the bit where Mockingbird practiced her darts skills with a deadly syringe. It just goes to show that all that time spent playing darts in the pub as a student wasn't a waste of time. Don't start screaming at me for making things up, I'm only hypothesizing.

Echo no.7

Next up is Echo by Terry Moore. I have allowed myself to break the spine of issue no.7 now that I have bought issue 10, I have to say that this thing just keeps getting better and better. The story whips you along, time melts away and all too soon you find yourself at the end of the book. I had to go back to look at the artwork because I hardly noticed it on the first read through. That's not to say that I don't like it, far from it, I love Moore's deceptively spare line work and each panel deserves the time it takes to fully appreciate it.

By the way, this issue has a mean monkey with a painfully accurate pitching arm!, and, 'ello 'ello things are beginning to spark between Julie and Dillon.

Echo no.7

The Superman books are really starting to hot up, with Superman: World of New Krypton no.1 seeing the start of a story arc that will run through 2009 and into next year, through 4 separate books that will make Superman in comics a weekly digest. According to the podcasts huge events are set to take place over the next two years in the Superman family books. I haven't read last weeks issue yet, but like any self respecting surf bum would say, I'm stoked!

Also on my stack for last week were.. Madman Atomic Comics no.14, Echo 10, Buffy the Vampire Slayer no.23, Secret Warriors no.2 and Jersey Gods no.2.


Dom Sutton said...

yeah, comics - ridiculously expensive. Gahhh! By the way, give the 11 o'clock comics podcast and Around Comics podcasts a try if you get the time. They are both great.

pulps from the bothy said...

Thanks for the tip,I will definitely give them a go.