Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A handful of weeds and a head full of tunes - episode 1.

Another day working in the garden, and another 100 tunes, here is a wee slice from today's playlist....

The high lonesome spiritual 'Drifting too far from the shore', taken from the little known album 'Old & in the Way'. Recorded live in 1974, with the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia on banjo. This has some lovely close part harmonies sung into a single mike. Warm timeless bluegrass at it's best.

Danish singer songwriter, Tina Dico, sings the title track from her album 'Count to Ten'. Great voice that washes over you quite nicely in a late night coffee in hand kind of way.

Cracking stuff, sounding great on the headphones. '(I'm not your) Steppin' Stone', the Monkees give it some heartfelt spite on this track, taken from the album ' More of the Monkees'

"Scotland gets it's brains from the Herring, said grandpa, and we all nodded our heads in complete incomprehension." The brilliant deadpan humour of the late great poet performer, Ivor Cutler. From the album 'Jammy Smears' comes 'Life in a Scotch Sitting Room Vol.2 episode 6'. You won't be able to eat fish soup in quite the same way again. If you haven't got any Cutler, all I can say is,why?


Dom Sutton said...

I used to look forward to hearing Ivor Cutler on the John Peel show when I were a lad.

pulps from the bothy said...

Me too, I think a lot of people discovered him through the Peel show. I had the Peel sessions of Ivor Cutler in my record collection, I just love his 'Life in a Scotch Sitting Room' tales.