Monday, 16 March 2009


Small Tortoiseshell on plum blossom.

Well it's officially sprung, that most eagerly awaited of seasons is upon us. Today was a day for parading about in our t-shirts, and a day for feeling in much need of a tidy haircut. The lawn mowers hummed in the sweetly scented Spring air, and professor Yaffle chuckled loudly to himself as we mulched, weeded and spruced.

Crocus fire!

During the lunch break I disappeared down to the orchard and compost heaps to try and stalk the first butterflies of the year, of which their were a fair few. Fluttering about on the warm dry ground and up in the plum blossom were Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock and Brimstone.

Tiny pollen coated beetles inside a sun warmed Daffodil.

I crawled along on all fours, squirming on my belly, tut-tutting at the restless Comma's as I attempted to get near enough for some decent photos, but they were having non of it. At one point a Comma landed on my head, I felt it's wings beating, and as I looked on the ground in front of me I could see my shadow, a camera in my hand and a butterfly on my head!

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