Monday, 23 February 2009

Seasonal shift

Today felt as if there had been a tangible shift in the garden, the seasonal clock had turned forward not only in calender time, but visually the monotone landscapes and dark silhouettes that are so typical of a British winter have been replaced by a flush of blossom. Bulbs and corms, such as Crocus, Anemone, Cyclamen, Snowdrops, Winter Aconites and the first Daffodils of the year are abounding.

Even the green grass that probably is no greener than a few weeks ago seems to have taken on a richer hue. It comes as a huge relief, this display of early Spring blossom. A close look at the bare shrubs and trees will reveal primed and breaking buds of juicy new growth, and if you listened really hard you could probably tune in to the ambient sounds of growth all around you in an unstoppable wave of regeneration.

Fat furry Bumble Bees were hard at work today collecting pollen from the strongly scented Winter Honeysuckle, more birds were adding their voices to a growing morning chorus and pedestrians and cyclists alike were taking advantage of this mild spell, ditching their unflattering layers of Winter garb. March can feel like a long month, fading out of Winter, but thanks to some hard work planting thousands of Bulbs, emptying the cold frames of propagated material or having lifted, split and replanted existing plant stock, we can now enjoy the colours, sights and smells of the growing season ahead of us. Just don't blink because you might just miss it!

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