Monday, 9 February 2009

Echo-I'm hooked!

She thought she'd take a few flower photos in the desert, chill out, maybe make some money selling them, and then it happened...

A huge explosion in the sky, a rapier jet peeling off, and a strange rain falling, covering her in some kind of molten metal. If it was going to happen to anyone it was going to happen to Julie Martin. The fridge is empty, the dog's sharing what little there is, the bank is chasing up her debts, her husband is filing for divorce and her sister is in a psychiatric hospital following a terrible car accident, and now this.

Because the lady loves.... 'Milktray'
Ivy Raven, 'the woman in black', drops in for a dose of 'X Files' style investigations.

I missed the first few issues of this one, so I picked it up in trade. Terry Moore's 'Echo' series is an addictive read. The black ink on white, applied with a deceptively simple drawing style takes me right back to when I was nine or ten years old. I had a bunch of 'Rotring' Isograph technical drawing pens with which I would draw boats, statues, bridges and houses. I love Terry Moore's planes, helicopters and cars in this book, in fact everything he draws. The story grabbed me from the first page, and I read the first volume in a single sitting. I have issues 6 through to 9 resting in my comic box, waiting to be read, I know it's silly, but I have been saving them because I can't face finishing them.

If you haven't read comics in a while, and you want to try something different from the regular Superhero titles, then try out 'Echo' for it's great comic to screen script and beautiful artwork. For more on Terry Moore's work, check out his website.

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