Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Mind walks and river views

My daughter has taken a graphic novel that I ordered from Dave's Comics in Brighton. Pictured above right in the 'currently reading' corner of my blog, it's by an American Comic illustrator and writer, Theo Ellsworth. I have only had a brief look, but my daughter has already read it twice! Inspired by Theo's rich and dreamy imagination, she has been drawing away at her desk and is even planning her own stories.

Last night she sent him an e mail, and attached one of her drawings (see above). I love the bird in his brain that's pecking at his eye. This morning there was a reply from Theo, freshly delivered from the clouds above and gently taxiing along the runway of my in box. You could almost smell the grounds spooling out from a host of Portland coffee bars.

I took these river photos the weekend before last. A breeding ground of future Olympic rowers, during term time the boat houses and waterways of the river Cam are a hive of activity. Skirting the waters edge are some beautiful old willows, which at this time of year spill a rain of golden branches into the feathered wake of passing boats. As I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog I love cycling the towpath on this stretch of the river, it's a colourful mix of rowers, joggers, cyclists, dog walkers, ramblers and house boats.

On this occasion, scattered across one of the slipways, were 42 chaotically abandoned training shoes, I actually stopped and counted them. The owners may have been in one of the boats pictured here.


Dom Sutton said...

great stuff. Nice of him to reply, I imagine your daughter was buzzed!

pulps from the bothy said...

She was! He has been really kind and encouraging. Its given her a real boost for her own drawing and writing.