Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow stops comics

Okay the novelty has now officially worn off. After a slip sliding bike ride to work this morning, riding alongside a continuous breaking wave of slush thrown up by each passing car, it was time to prime my back at coal face angle, shovel in hand, sweating profusely and stripped down to my t shirt as I cleared the college paths of yet more snow!

No I haven't had much chance to get cold, and yes despite the roads running clear by late morning, the comics delivery didn't make it through to Forbidden Planet, and more snow is forecast tomorrow. Dean Martin has a great voice, but if I hear him sing 'Let it Snow' one more time I'll shove a snow shovel down his throat! For those of you who are still enjoying the white stuff, you can click the link above.


Dom Sutton said...

Ouch - no new comics! Sucks.

Jersey Gods was ace though. You'll enjoy it when it turns up.

pulpsfromthebothy said...

Last weeks comic delivery finally made it through on the weekend,although without the all important 'Jersey Gods'. I've had to order it online, boo hiss!