Thursday, 21 January 2010

Superman - love, identity and nuclear fallout.

From the pages of Superman, no.308 'This Planet Is Mine', February 1977. Poor ol' Supes seems to be struggling with his own identity, even for an alien that has always felt like the odd one out. Who should be whipping up this broiling fug of self doubt? None other than his own cousin, Supergirl. She's laying in to his Kryptonian keepsakes, rampaging through the heart of his Fortress of Solitude and dismissing his Kryptonian heritage for God's sake!

Feeling at a complete loss, Superman goes in search of some peace and quiet at his Metropolis apartment. Oh dear!, no such luck, Lois has been slaving over the stove and is waiting to serve up some fine home cooking and apologies. It seems that the arrow of Clark's love life isn't flying as straight and true as it should, and yet again Clark is tormented by guilt and self doubt.

To make matters worse he has the likes of the Protector and Radion attempting to wipe him off the face of the planet, as well as destroy a nuclear facility causing widespread fallout and mass mutations of millions of people. Mere super powers will not suffice. Our man in blue needs to screw his head down ASAP, get a grip Superman!

Although it can't help that Radion's mountain sanctuary is outshining his Fortress of Solitude in true James Bond fashion, what style! Check it out, sea views and a waterfall.

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