Sunday, 10 January 2010

Over the rainbow and down the rabbit's burrow.

The neat die cut cover and clean line art of the interior for Dynamite's new comic book adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland was enough to entice me to part with the £4 price tag. I had not heard or read anything about this comic so I guess I was taking a bit of a risk here.

The line art by Erica Awano is lovely, the layout is clean and allows the story to flow, however, where this well produced and very enjoyable adaptation comes adrift is in the colouring. I understand from the notes on the making of this series, which incidentally are included as an extra in the back pages of this first issue, that what the creators were looking for was a very old fashioned watercolour palette using pastel colours, there is also a slightly unsettling and dark aspect to the characters which lends itself to a more muted mix. I understand all that, but even though colourist PC Siqueira has been true to the brief, for me it just doesn't work.

I would have liked the colouring to have made more of the really nice line art, but instead the detail is lost under a muddy film that flattens the art, and there is also a rather annoying pink cast. Shame! Luckily this is a short series, so I may just persevere.

On a final note, continuing on from my recent post about birds and moths in comics, I can add a few more here.

In the beach scenes I could add the following..Green Parakeet, Eurasian Magpie, the extinct Dodo (not sure if I can count that one), Great Horned Owl, an unidentified blue headed parrot and... is that supposed to be a Griffon Vulture? Anyway my list is growing.

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