Friday, 15 January 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox and the wombling gardener

Fantastic Mr. Fox with working light, the Fairy Godmother from Walt Disney's Cinderella

How does it go?... 'Underground, overground, Wombling free" I used to love watching the original series of this kids TV favourite. I especially enjoyed the title sequences which appeared on various found items of rubbish, eg. a piece of scrunched up newspaper, an old fly tipped television set, an empty bottle.

Of coarse I had to do a little bit of online research for this article that involved slouching infront of YouTube and watching old kids programmes. I forget how many years its been since I last enjoyed an episode of Ivor the Engine, a particular favourite of mine, and lets not forget those fastidiously tidy Wombles who were streets ahead of their time when it came to doing their bit for the environment.

A selection of luggage locks. We quite often find these at the beginning and end of terms.

Part of my gardening activities actually allows me to wander, hypothetically I have to add, across my own piece of 'Wimbledon Common' with litter picker in hand, its amazing what gets dropped, lost or thrown away. From bras to brollies, they all get scooped up and popped into the bin or lost property. Here's a blog piece about this very subject that I prepared at an earlier date, and what you see here are a few bits and bobs that I've found recently.

This small lock was fairly heavy and had what looked like Indian script on one side.

A couple of broaches.

A phone charm/key ring Dutch clog souvenir.

Close up of the Fairy Godmother.

Fantastic Mr Fox on ice, with flashlight switched on.

So how about you, have you ever found anything interesting?

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