Friday, 29 January 2010

Gardeners reading - Part 2.

Beethoven and his Nephew by Richard and Editha Sterba- Fiddle playing Jessie is currently reading this one. After suffering a retched childhood, Beethoven goes on to wreck his Nephew's childhood as well when his interfering good intentions go horribly wrong.

The troubled musical genius nabs Karl from his mother, who Beethoven sees as a demon and a woman of disrepute. The increasingly psychotic Beethoven spends all his time trying to keep Karl from seeing his mother and as the lad grows up, runs away, attempts suicide, falls in love, joins the army etc.., Beethoven begins a downward spiral of ill health until he dies.

Cheerful stuff eh? Not one that I will be reading, that's for sure! Jess got this copy from her Granny, love the dog eared cover and red staining on the page edges, not sure what the technical term for that is.

Does exactly what it says on the tin, this is David's pick. Winner of the most boring book cover ever? A A Gill, food critic, newspaper columnist and occasional travel writer, has upset and disgusted just about every person, ethnic group, country and animal lover the world over. The bilious Gill, friend to that prat from Top Gear, Mr. Jeremy Clarkson, takes some vacation time in this book of travel essays to exercise his caustic tongue. I haven't read it, but from what I gather Monte Carlo is targeted as being a 'sewage outlet'. Ouch! Him and Clarkson should take a holiday together me thinks.

The Amazing Spiderman no.619. Mobsters fighting mobsters, rotten villains coming back from the dead, a master of illusion, Mysterio, working the field in a game double crossing trickery, a police forensic scientist doing deals with Mysterio and the mob. As always in the thick of it is Spidey, living on his wits and quips. Some lovely art in here by Marcos Martin. With all these good comics around I can't see myself reading any books for a while.

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