Wednesday, 15 October 2008

rain and leaves in equal measure

Well that's it, heavy rain showers brought to an end what has been a very enjoyable few days of unseasonably warm and sunny weather. Low grey cloud wept leaves and rain in equal measure against a backdrop of dripping foliage and slick shiny fence tops. Somewhere out there in the morning gloom a Robin is sang a sad watery song, ho hum, and in the machinery shed the sound of a radio leeked out from the bright yawning interior. Here in the Bothy I read travelers tales about a man who cycled around the world, 'Moods of Future Joys' by Alistair Humphreys . Clicking back a couple of days, we had a visit from Kate Gadsby(see photo above), a professional garden photographer and fine consumer of tea and toast. Year on year she still manages to uphold a tradition of parking up in the gathering dusk at beautiful garden locations, sleeping out the witching hours in the hope of capturing a few brief moments of magic in the first hours of daylight. Its easy to get lost in Kate's quicksilver work, which breathes in a moody and evocative atmosphere, she has also taken many photos here in our college gardens. If you want to keep up with Kate's latest crop of images then give her website a look. A big thank you to Kate for allowing me to post some of her work here.

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Alastair said...

what a wonderful choice of book!