Monday, 20 October 2008

It came from the props department.

The spaceship has landed!, or at least the prototype has anyway. Jo has fashioned a flying saucer using a Frisbee, a Tupperware pot and a blank cd. All that is needed now is a wrap of blue cellophane and a small L.E.D to bring our alien craft to life, Blue Peter eat your heart out! The props departments next assignment is to make some alien dolls out of some old gardeners overhauls, and some planets out of various sized rubber balls. The prototype U.F.O had a shaky start this morning, I had set it atop a fence post for a photograph when a big gust of wind whipped it across the yard on it's first unplanned maiden flight, causing the tupperware pot to crack and break away from the frisbee. When Jo's techy brother has finished fine tuning the old Super-8 cameras we should be clear for launch. Watch this space.

1 comment:

Wolf said...

Next time I visit your "bothy" I am expecting to be whisked away into a completely different dimension,and turned into a doll made of overalls!