Sunday, 26 October 2008

Beyond the Forbidden Planet

I have been wanting to stretch out the edges of my comic book habit beyond my weekly visit to Forbidden Planet, so I thought that sometime soon I should follow the trail of fusty old comic boxes that spread out across the Big Smoke. Starting online I tracked down the monthly
comic collectors market place which is a short toddling distance from Kings Cross station. A specialized car boot for middle aged men I should imagine, but being a great source of cheap old pulp fiction its a strong draw for me and I am willing to give it a go. Through a series of clicking links I found several good Comic book blogs. The first one is called 'London Loves Comics', it's a bit bitchy and hard edged but I quite like it. It has a wonderful piece about London comic shops, I liked the photos of sites once occupied by old comic stores, and the most appealing of this tour of London shops was Orbital Comics . My wife said she wouldn't mind visiting Charing Cross Road as Foyles bookstore is here too. Comics Ate My Brain, has a nice little recurring segment that features corny fight sequences from old comics, and the lightheartedness carries on through to this next blog Bullyscomics, which is a colourful and lightly whipped froth of goodness, I think!
Home of the 'Bikeshow' at London's brilliant volunteer radio station, Resonance FM, is a newly discovered show called Strip!, which covers all things to do with graphic novels and the comics world. So there you have it, I'm now off to line my nest with old comics and hibernate for the winter. Wake me when it's Spring time, or when Forbidden Planet gets in some more storage boxes, whichever comes first!


Anonymous said...

bitchy and hard-edged!? Moi?


Bully said...

Thanks for the kind words!

pulpsfromthebothy said...

I do really enjoy these blogs, so I hope no offense was taken. I promise to send readers in your direction in the hope that they then don't desert me!

Dom Sutton said...

Not offended at all mate! Thanks for the link and glad you liked the stuff about the West End shops.

Cheers Dom