Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Fresh in on the pods n' blogs.

It's time to take you on an improvisational tour of my favourite pods and blogs. Fresh in today is the second part of the Moulten bicycle story from the exceptional and always interesting'The Bike Show' podcast. The unstoppable 'Ifanboys' are covering all the latest releases in the comic book world, three young guys bouncing off each other in a light and informative way. If you have an interest then check them out.CopenhagenCycleChic blog has a daily upload of images from the streets of cool Copenhagen, go there to see what a sweet coffee cup cycle bell looks like and also how flowers are taking over bike baskets the world over. Finally, sound artist Wolfgang Fadi Dorninger takes his bike avec microphone on an audio magical mystery tour, go here if you want to listen to the sounds emanating from the foothills of the Himalayas, and more! Once on the i pod these little ambient recordings take you by surprise when sandwiched between your favourite rock tracks.It's interesting to hear so many sparrows cheeping away in the background, a sound we sadly seem to be hearing less and less of here in our towns and cities.

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