Saturday, 24 January 2009

Supergirl no.37-Mystery in a bottle

The mysterious Superwoman snags the cover shot in Supergirl no.37

What is it with New Krypton? When this storyline kicked off we were all worried about the pacing, how on earth were they going to tie up the loose threads after a slow start? As the final issue of the story arc hit the stands it became clear that the margins had melted away to reveal a New Krypton planet hastily created just off Earth, t'other side of the sun.

I get the impression from what I have read that most people were pleasantly surprised by a successful wrap up to the New Krypton arc. So, here we are with Supergirl no.37. Her title is flying off the comic store shelves, a mysterious Superwoman has everyone second guessing, red herrings may have been sown, Supergirl is still riddled with self doubt and Alura is nuts, totally nuts! I for one hope we go for quite some time without knowing who Superwoman is and let us have more red herrings.

Should the absence of Superman from Action Comics be a bad thing, should his return to space cause a fall once more in readership? What we have here, judging by the latest issue of Supergirl, is the potential to make the Super titles a must have in 2009.

Can DC pull it off? Yes, tell a good story, don't labour it with slabs of historic continuity, keep it fresh, develop the supporting characters, everyone loves a good mystery, throw in some punches for good measure, and what you could have here is series of truly thrilling page turning floppies that should fly off the shelves faster than Superman can travel from Metropolis to New Krypton. I hope that I don't have to swallow hard and regret my enthusiasm, but thanks to Supergirl the sun is shining on all things Kryptonian.

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