Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Compost Man delayed.

For those of you who were waiting with baited breath for the Compost Man One Day Festival, the update that I have for you is that plans are afoot for a little get together of friends to mark the fertility of our 2006 vintage compost, on the 6th of February. Hopefully music shall be played, drink will be drunk, the seal of the compost crown will be breached, silly warm hats will be worn, a compost man will be set fire to and hopefully it won't rain on our frivolities. If musicians fail to emerge from without then we may have to resort to Mongolian nasal droning, or discordant wailing, to raise the slumbering spirits from the depths of the compost heap. If the fire won't light then I dread to think what unplanned activities we may have to resort to. You never know this may just catch on!


Anonymous said...

Compost aside, how was "I kill giants"? I have heard good things about it and might pick it up when it's traded.


Dom (London Loves Comics)

pulpsfromthebothy said...

Cheers Dom, I apologize for the lack of comics postings. I was meaning to do a 'currently enjoying these comics'entry sometime soon. 'I kill giants' is in my opinion a must read,it focuses on strange young girl who is dealing with some weighty emotional issues, the ending is sad but ultimately uplifting. IFanboy had it as 'pick of the week', i'd have it down for one of the highlights of 2008/09. Makes a refreshing change from the standard Superhero fair,and shows what comics are capable of. I am really enjoying your blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

thanks mate - I enjoy your stuff too! Don't apologise for lack of comics updates.

Will have to pick up I kill giants.