Monday, 24 September 2012

American Vampires: Two of a Kind

American Vampire #18

Poor Pearl Jones, life with a mere mortal was never meant to be was it? The tender love story of the 2nd American Vampire and a mere mortal travelling musician, Henry Preston, came into being on a moonless night when Pearl's vampire tendencies were at their weakest. But despite Pearl's love for Henry, and whether she recognised it or not, there were other weaknesses at work here, ones that would outlive the ageing Henry. Skinner Sweet, an outlaw from the wild west, a killer and a thief who was turned by a gang of European Vampires during his attempt to evade the gallows, went on to cross paths with Pearl, infecting her to save her life and in doing so giving birth to an intense slow burn sexual tension that has been building for the last 28 issues of American Vampire and the strength of Scott Snyder's storytelling and Rafael Abuquerque's artwork shows no sign of letting up. What now for Henry Preston, his lover now giving in to the enigmatic Skinner Sweet in one explosive release of pent up passion? Issue 30 was a heartbreaker for sure, but with Skinner distrustfully eyeing the reader in the final panel, there's no doubting we'll be back for more!

American Vampire #30

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