Tuesday, 5 April 2011

In comics..the Swiss army knife connection

Sporting a diamond encrusted baseball bat and a Swiss army knife, Csar and his stunted partner in crime 'Big Murder' grace the cover of this time traveling adventure/farce mini from Marvel. Much delayed, but great fun to read, the story has Spidey and Wolverine jumping back and forth through time and shadowed by villains Csar and Big Murder at the behest of a mysterious super villain.

In this issue our two heroes come face to face with Mojo, a megalomaniac psycho with the attention span of a gnat who has been playing 'Truman Show' with Spidey and Wolverine and broadcasting the results to the television hungry masses on his planet. Great fun comics, well written by Jason Aaron and nice pencils by Kubert.

In Terry Moore's Echo 29 we follow Julie Martin, NSB agent Ivy Raven, Dillon Murphy and Vijay Narayanan into the frozen wastes of Alaska as they close in on the top secret project that is the Phi super collider which could potentially bring about the end of the world. Julie Martin who has been fused with the ghost of Dr. Annie Trotter, an experimental physicist who was killed whilst wearing an experimental flight suit made of a strange and powerful metal, faces her penultimate challenge in the last couple of chapters of this brilliant tale from Terry Moore.

In the image below the gang find a ventilator shaft to the collider complex and Vijay cuts himself in an attempt to remove the lid with his trusty Swiss army knife. You can read an interview with Terry Moore about Echo here.

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