Thursday, 18 February 2010

Story time for The Nightwing.

Of all the Superman titles in the world of comics that have spent the last year dealing with the repercussions rippling out of the creation of the planet New Krypton, Action Comics and its main characters, the Kryptonians Thara ak - var (Flamebird) and Chris Kent (Nightwing), is the one that has kept me most interested.

Initially the World of New Krypton event was a thrilling new venture for the Superman comics line, but unfortunately it has just been dragging on for far too long. In that time numerous story threads popped up and not all of them led anywhere, most annoying of all, for those of us that completed the arc, was that there was no feeling of completion at the end of the run. At times it felt as though the writers were themselves struggling to bring the floating behemoth into harbor. Anyway, here comes the war, or should that be chapter 2 of W.O.N.K the never ending mega event.

However, as I was saying, I have been enjoying the trials and tribulations of Flamebird and Nightwing in Action comics and also Supergirl in her own title. If I had not been reading all the other Superman titles then my enjoyment of Action comics and Supergirl would not have been the same, so for that reason alone I am glad that I have made it this far in the marathon, standing here on the sidelines as I am with a silver foil blanket draped across my shoulders, re-hydrating, muscles gasping for oxygen as I ready myself for the Krypton - Earth war.

I loved the most recent issue of Action comics, no.887, furthering the back story to the Kryptonian couple, sent to Earth to route out General Zod's sleeper agents. A great chunk of the issue is given over to a Kryptonian history lesson of epic fairytale proportions. The love story of the Flamebird and Nightwing, as old as creation itself, laid down in the book of Rao, the flames of chaos tamed by the stillness of the shadows. The two demi - Gods were meant to be, their love for each-other unparalleled since the beginning of time.

Sadly though, their union was marred by jealousy, hatred and vengeance. All the anger and bitterness was not directed at each other, but instead it came from a third party, a Kyptonian God of creation called Vohc - 'The Builder', no not Bob, or even Vac - 'The Hoover'.

Between The Flamebird and Vohc existed the balancing forces needed for the evolution of their home world. The Flamebird's sole task in life was to renew all that was fallow, scorching the earth with flames that gave way for regeneration and rebirth. Vohc reveled in his skills as a master craftsman/builder, each time improving on his previous efforts in the wake of The Flamebird's spring clean. Working in the hours of twilight he befriended the lonely Nightwing who lived in the shadows and was invisible to all eyes, all except Vohc who felt sorry for The Nightwing.

And so he introduced The Flamebird to Nightwing whose love for each other soon blossomed. As a result Vohc's unrequited love for the Flamebird turned sour, and in an act of revenge against her he trapped Nightwing in a phantom zone, only offering Nightwing's freedom to The Flamebird on the condition that she withdraw her love from him and that they spend the rest of eternity apart.

It would be a shame if the arresting story line of The Flamebird and Nightwing were to peter out in the coming 'War of Supermen' event, this adventure story of young lovers on the run deserves its own title. Each month reveals a little bit more of the mystery that holds these two together. Whatever happens, I'll still be rooting for them.

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