Monday, 15 February 2010

Batgirl and the machine that goes 'Hummmmmmm'

Note the train graffiti that says 'Jokerz'

In this final chapter of the 'core requirements' arc we get to see bickering twosome, Batgirl and Damien on a rescue mission to save Batman who's bat mobile crashed in the last issue. The high stakes gaming villain, Roulette, tried to take down Batman using a cast of baddies who were competing to see who could get to him first whilst Roulette took bets on the outcome.

Batgirl needs to get to the scene before the precocious Damien does, but without wheels she's looking a bit compromised. Oracle to the rescue. Batgirl is directed to an underground garage far below Oracle's apartment where she finds a set of wheels of a completely different kind.

Looking like a cross between bomber (motorhead sprang to mind), a toboggan and a circus canon, I had a hard job stifling the chuckles. Just before Stephanie 'The Human Cannonball' exits 'Ricochet', as the machine is called, she is seen motoring past a roadside poster advertising 'Gotham Circus'.

How about some extra long sound effects? Canon/bike/bomber getting ready to fire Batgirl - 'sssllllliiiiiddddeeechunk', that's a whopping 25 letters! Or how about the machine that goes - 'Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm', that 23 letters, 1 H, 1 U and 21 M's!!

Damien's bike can only muster 22 letters at full throttle with - 'Wiiinnnnnng-weh-innnnnng'

And finally the sound of Batgirl and Damien sliding down a steeply pitching roof - 'Krrrrruuuuunnnncchhh', 20 letters, not bad!

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