Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Full circle

Why am I so excited about ripping out all those wonderful late summer bedding displays? We spend the whole summer building up for just a few short weeks of full on floral fireworks. Giant Salvias, arching Sunflowers, Morning Glory's, Amaranthus, Tithonias, Bananas, Dahlias, Daturas... and the list goes on.

Months of weeding, watering, staking and tying up. And now we are shuffling our toes to the edge of Winters cold blank canvas.

With nowhere to hide on the bare ground, we swing our gaze across the silhouettes of trees and passing crows. So I think it must be the change, I enjoy the distinct seasonal shift.

There's no messing, frost tender plants must be pulled up and tucked away in the greenhouse if we are not to lose them to a sudden frost, and the garden comes full circle as we plan for the coming Spring.

Today was another day of dramatic skies, black clouds sweeping away East on a brisk wind. A brassy sun dropped quickly after 3pm throwing splinters of rainbow light on the gardeners tired limbs.

The sharp arrow of the weather vane spun in the half light of the compound and the interior of the tool shed glowed a welcoming glow. A brief chorus of clanks and clunks of tools being put away, a Robin sang and the slow squeak of the weather vane brought another day to a close.

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