Saturday, 28 November 2009

A head full of Twilight

The face of Edward Cullen seems to be following me, he is in my life. I see him in town, in the cinema, in my daughter's bookshelf and most annoyingly his protective, overbearing gaze reads my every thought. What am I to think?, how do I feel about the world Stephenie Meyer has created? I find myself drawn both ways, at once compelling but at the same this teenage fantasy of romance and feuding monsters repels me due to my age! However, my daughter on the other hand lives and breathes this world along with all the other 10-20 year olds across the globe. For that reason it would be more appropriate for her to continue with this post, so take it away daughter!....

When I first saw Twilight, I had never even heard of it. I was at my friend's house to stay the night when we had a sudden urge to watch a film. Most of her films we had already seen, except for one - Twilight. I was reluctant to watch it, but my friend was so enthusiastic, I decided to give it a go.

As soon as it started I didn't want to stop watching, something about it appealed to me. Maybe it was the calming music? Maybe it was the fact that I was also trying to work out what Edward and his family really were? I loved the flow of the film, the action and the romance. I loved the way Edward's eyes changed colour, and he was so strong and fast, but when the movie had ended I hated the fact that there were so many unanswered questions.

-Why did Edward's eyes change colour?
-How come Alice can see the future, Edward can read minds, but none of the other Cullens can do anything special?

I made a vow to myself to find the answers to all of these questions, and I knew how to start. The next day I forced my mum to take me into town and buy me the series as an early birthday present. The book answered my questions, and much, much more. When my birthday came I was given the film. I watched it with my family in the evening. My mum was loving it, my dad making really bad jokes, and me, bored out of my skull! After reading the book the film is slow, boring, dull and different. I strongly recommend that if you haven't already - READ THE BOOKS - THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

I read the others, and soon after, the film New Moon came out. I was so excited! My friend and I had agreed to go together for her birthday, and so we did.

As I walked into the cinema, the Twilight music was playing, I was hyperventilating. Unfortunately my excitement was drowned by half an hour of non Twilight related adverts. But when the film started, everyone screamed. I watched mesmerized and enchanted by the way they had changed the book. This was truly my favourite film ever - but still no way near as good as the book.

This film has brought war. War between Edward and Jacob. In twilight the choice is clear - Edward, but in New Moon when Edward - I can't even say it - is so horrible, most people will chose Jacob. Now there is:


I am definitely Team Edward - even after what he did. I have chosen him because of the way in which he treats Bella, the way he will do anything to protect her and his Je ne c'est quoi way about him. I have chosen to go against Jacob because of what he does later on.

I am really looking forward to the next two films - especially Breaking Dawn, and I hope that through reading this post you will all be jumping on your bikes to get the books!

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Uncle Montague said...

Thank you Mr Kirkham (and daughter) for providing some much needed publicity for this little known writer. I had never heard of Stephen Meyer but I will certainly be looking out for his books.