Thursday, 11 December 2008

On the dial

Cold and flu symptoms have blotted out the past few days, so I apologize for a lack of updates. I've been heaving myself from sofa to bath, struggling up and down the stairs and generally slipping in and out of consciousness between listening to and watching podcasts on my i pod. And one that I keep coming back to is 'The Rest of Everest'. Its a lengthy 'nuts bolts n' all' documentary following an American expedition to Everest in 2003, coming in at 110 roughly half hour episodes, it feels like you really know these guys by the time they've lead you with their cameras to Base camp and beyond. In fact it became a joke at work that whenever my colleagues asked where the climbers had got to, the answer came back that they were nearly always at Base camp. I have been following this film for a year or so and I am now currently flagged out, tent pitched and hunkering down with a rare and tasty plate of vacuum packed chicken at, you've guessed it, Basecamp! Episode 39 to be exact. The reason its taken me this long to get to this point in the film is that I go through phases with these things, and with 'The Rest of Everest' the onset of cold weather, icy conditions, big furry hats, scarves, plumes of breath meeting the chill morning air and balls of misletoe hanging in the crouched apple boughs, well it kind of goes with the territory don't you think? The highlights for me on these podcasts are the mealtimes(there's always something cooking), the Sherpas, who are always happy and busy, yabbering away in Nepalese, and of course the scenery, which is stunning and never fails to brighten up the little window on my i pod. So, if you're interested in being a fly on the inside lining of a large dome tent, watching a bunch of hairy unwashed mountain climbers sit around all day at Base camp, eating and scratching and waiting endlessly for the weather to improve, then look no further. Oh, and they do climb eventually!


Jonathan said...

Hi there, this is Jon Miller from The Rest of Everest.

I have a Google Alert set up to inform me of whenever someone posts about the podcast. I certainly do appreciate all of the kind words about the show and I hope watching the episodes has helped in some small way to make you feel a bit better from the cold and flu symptoms!

I always appreciate it when people blog about the show so let me say thanks by sending you a complimentary feed of all of the bonus materials including the film. Just send me an email to the address at the end of every episode and I'll hook you up!


pulpsfromthebothy said...

Thanks so much for your comment, I really have enjoyed watching these podcasts so much, I wish you and all the Everest team members that you know all the best. All of us at low altitude, thanks to your film, can look up at those perfect peaks and dream. Many thanks for your kind offer and have a lovely Christmas!