Saturday, 1 November 2008

Winter came early

An early end to the late summer tub displays. Salvias still in full bloom.

Carnage, waiting to be thrown on the compost heap.

Chopped back and ready for winter hibernation.

Tools of the trade.

Beautiful blooms going to waste.
Piled high.
Tractor loaded and ready for the off.

Embers of autumn fires lie scattered on the ground, not of the wood and smoke variety, but of the floral kind. Sheets of rain and hail last week gave way to clearing skies and tumbling temperatures. It was as if time had stood still, rain drops had frozen mid drip to my handlebars, the brakes had seized up and the gears wouldn't work, which meant that my legs spun round furiously on the pedals. Nowhere feels the change in seasons more acutely than in the garden, so the race is now on to bring in our frost tender plants before they get decimated. In previous years the Salvias, Dahlias, Daturas and Bananas kept on thrilling right to the end of November, but an early frost and forecast for a series of frosts has left us scrambling. What a shame. Ripping out our large tub displays that were still in full bloom was heart breaking. The greenhouse was cleared ready to receive these delicate souls, and so we have no choice now but to embrace the winter. The heater in the bothy has been cranked up and I've pulled out my Russian hat from storage. Winter related tales are now in the offing.

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