Monday, 16 August 2010

Marvel..ous bedding!

I opened up the latest issue of The Invincible Iron and let out an audible gasp, surprisingly this is something that I don't normally do when I'm reading my comics, but this advert for the 'sweet dreams' bedding and accessories on the inside front cover was, I have to say, worthy of such a reaction. I wonder if they do this in an adult king size?

I can't really see my long suffering wife snuggling up to me under the creased muscles of the Hulk and the Mighty Thor, but you know we could take it in turns, one week it could be Cath Kidson polka dots and flowers and the next week heroes of the Marvel Universe. I've already spotted a natty pair of 'Man of Steel' underpants going for a fiver down at Primark, I can just see myself slipping under the covers wearing these with a wry smile on my face. Maybe that should read 'Balls of Steel'.

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Dom said...

wow! Bedding of beauty!