Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Lessons in game warfare.

"Go ahead punk, make my day!"

This brutal looking fella is a Chaplain, a man... of the cloth?, spiritual leader to the Space Marine Terminator squad, and as befits his appearance, a bringer of death! He also happens to be a dream come true to any hormonal 10 to teen year old boy, what with the skulls, chains, heavy armour, iron crosses, eagle motifs and superior fire power. Throw in some paint, glue, and a shop full of like minded geeks, a bit of Led Zeppelin and you have the perfect recipe for happy children, parents who suddenly find themselves with spare time on their hands, and this is the only negative point, a hobby that sucks up money at an alarming rate.

The figure above was my 10 year old son's latest artistic creation which he painstakingly spent a Saturday afternoon on. He's hoping that the guys in the shop will display it in their glass cabinets, I hope so because the Chaplain looks in no mood to be turned down.


Dom said...

Wow! That's brilliant! I spent much of my youth wishing I could paint lead figures, every one I tried was a mess. Your son did this at 10?! It's incredible! If they don't put it in the window they want shooting.

pulpsfromthebothy said...

He'll be thrilled you said so. He's just spent his birthday at the Games Workshop where he spent a small fortune on a large box of unfeasibly small figures, house now stinks of glue. More photos to follow!