Friday, 4 December 2009

Battle of the Super/Hyper Powers!

Strangled by his own cape!, at the hands of the smooth talking Vartox. What style! Thigh length leather boots, hot pants, hairy chest and a handlebar mustache. Lana Lang can barely contain herself, as old flame Vartox puts TV sportscaster, Steve Lombard on ice with his amazing super, forward slash, hyper powers.

What Lana doesn't realize is that Vartox is being held against his will by the inhabitants of Tynola, and he has arrived on Earth after being granted permission to bid a final farewell to his friends.

He has used this opportunity to seek the help of Superman, and together they concoct a plan to fool the inhabitants of Tynola, by entering into into a mock battle in the skies above the alien planet.

Brylcreamed Vartox puts on an impressive display of Super/Hyper Powers, including the amazing remote controlled punch and his deadly cape strangling techniques, which almost get the better of Superman.

It takes a potent power charge of pure hyper energy ( that's an electric shock to you and me ), caused by a conversion of his own molecular structure to bring down the Man of Steel. Can Superman regain his strength? Can Vartox escape? Will these Superheros triumph? And what are these Tynolians up to? Unfortunately I can't answer these questions until I get my hands on issue no.357 of Superman from 1981. The hunt is on!

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