Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Unnecessary plastic objects a go go's.

We have been invaded!, but there's no need to run outside and check the sky for fleets of UFO's, no need to arm yourself against hordes of laser gun toting little green men, because these aliens come in peace.

Or should that be four hundred pieces, that's 80 individual characters that come in 5 juicy colours. Crazy Bone go go's were invented by the Greeks some several thousand years ago when children played with Crazy Bones made out of sheep's knuckle bones.

They invaded our modern world in glorious technicolour when they were given away free with McDonalds happy meals in the early 1990s and have been irrupting on and off the scene ever since. The latest incarnation is the series 3 'Evolution', which are sold in lime green foil packs of three. Our house alone is heaving with these little plastic fellas, my son currently has 63 of the initial 80 characters, my daughter has 68, and I am ashamed(maybe!) to say that I have 18.

For those of you with more sense and resolve to resist the endless pleading and begging from the Go go-holick kids in the family, I salute you! I have to say that I like them, I don't like the fact that they are so expensive, but they are very addictive. I dare say that some clever artist/sculptor will create an impressive artwork out of them that wouldn't look out of place in the bright and airy confines of the Tate Modern, and if they do I'll be one of the first in line to go and see it.

In the meantime, get the kids to bring you breakfast in bed, wash the dishes, sweep the floors, empty the bins, give you a massage, trim your toenails do their homework... It's amazing what they'll be prepared to do for Go-go money.

Just remember that it's a form of addiction, so don't leave your wallet/purse lying around unattended, you have been warned! For some lovely photos on Flicker, check out this photo pool, well worth a look.

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Dom Sutton said...

Oh god, once my son is old enough for this sort of thing I am going to struggle to excercise parental restraint, because like you I'll be wanting them myself.